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Agar Cake

My 1st cake... Agar cake, one of my favorite cake that my mom used to made for me and now I have to make it all by myself. It turn out pretty good after 2nd time making it. After several request from friends, I manage to write out the recipe... and here it is~!

Agar cake
cake Ingredients:
Option 1:
14 egg yolk
2 white part of egg
175 gr Butter
175 gr sugar
40 gr corn / maizena flour
80 gr wheat flour
1 1/2 table spoon water
1 tablespoon brandy / wishky
1 tablespoon sweet condensed milk
Option 2:
Yellow butter cake mix (packaged)
3 eggs
1 stick Butter
4 1/4 cups of water

Agar Ingredients:
3 swallow agar agar
800 cc water
300 cc white egg
300 gr sugar
3 table spoon sweet condensed milk
1 table spoon brandy
1 table spoon essen (red or green)/ pandan coloring

How to make Cake:
- Using Option 1:
Using mixer, mix egg yolk with both flour and butter until smooth.
keep mixing, add sugar, egg white, brandy/ wishky, and sweet condensed milk.
mix it well and smooth.
- Using Option 2:
Using mixer, Mix all ingredient listed until smooth (approximately 15 minutes).
* Baking Instruction:
Heat up ove up to 325 Degree Fahrenheit for metal pan or 300 degree Fahrenheit for glass pan (Pirex).
Use non-stick baking spray on the 2 baking pan.
Pour the well mix cake on both pan equally and bake for about 35-37 minutes.

How to make Agar sponge:
Using mixer mix egg white only until it get spongy (about 15 minutes). Add sugar and mix it well.
Saparetly, boil water mix with agar powder, condensed milk, brandy/wishky, essen.
keep mixing the egg white, add the boiled agar little by little and mix it well for awhile.

Combining Both Cake and agar:
using slightly bigger pan. pour a layer agar sponge on the botom and put one layer of cake, than pour agar sponge again, than cake, and lastly the rest of agar sponge.
Keep it for awhile until it get's cold than save it in fridge.

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