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Sour Mustard Chicken or Pork

Hey dee hoo... Here I am again with a request from one of my friend for my home style dish... This is another sourly dish, It's called Sour Mustard Chicken/pork. I have nothing to say about this dish, taste so good and yet one of my favorite.

Sour Mustard Chicken/Pork
1.5 lbs Chicken or Pork.
1 small bowl of Sour Mustard.
3 spoon dark soy sauce.
2 spoon Cooking wine.
2 spoon sugar.
1/4 teaspoon salt.
1 inch ginger.
1 spoon diced garlic.
1/2 spoon tapioca starch/ corn starch.
2 spoon vegetable oil.

How to:
Thin slice chicken or pork. Marinade chicken or pork with soy sauce, salt, and starch.
Rinse and thin slice sour mustard. Marinade with sugar.
Heat up oil, add garlic and ginger. stir fry for few second than add the marinated chicken or pork. you may add more soy sauce to make it darker. Cook it till the meat done than add sour mustard and cooking wine. add a little water and cook it till done.

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