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Kwe Kia Theng

It's rainy day, best food to have is soup dish... Hehe I'm Pontianak people, but all things that I remember about Pontianak is only foods Hehe I feel so ashame.. well... I moved to Jakarta when I was 3 year-old, so I can't remember much other than Teochew language and the food. Another good dish from Pontianak (West Borneo) is Kwe Kia theng. It's Rice Noodle in Soya Sauce Soup with Pork, skin, liver, tongue, ear and intestines. Ewwww grossss ??? HAHAHA well .. all those stomach ingredient is optional you doesn't have to eat it :p but Trust me, It's good.. beside that.. we use different type of kwe tiaw (rice noodle), it's square thin slice of rice noodle about 1x1 inches. so, try it~

Kwe Kia Theng
Pork (rib)
skin, liver, tongue, ear and intestines (optional)
2 spoon Sugar
2 spoon dark soy sauce
1 cloves diced garlic
1/4 star anise
1 small slice of turmeric
Chinese 5 spice powder

How to:
marinade pork, intestine, tongue, skin, stomach with chicken/pork stock and Chinese 5 spice. Hard boil the eggs and peal of the shell.
heat up 4 spoon of oils and sugar until it turn brown. add sliced the garlic, turmeric, star anise, soy sauce and stir it. Add marinated pork stir fry for awhile and add a bowlful of water and eggs than slow cook it for an hour. (you may add more water, and adjust it with sugar, soy sauce)

P.S. you will find out that is similar to soy sauce eggs (lou neng) .. Yes it is similar, only it's more soupy where you add more water in it and with more ingredients (tongue, skin, stomach, liver, etc). So if you already made soy sauce eggs, it will be easier to modify the dish.. just add chicken/pork broth or water with salt and pork stock.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    October 24, 2013 at 10:47 PM  

    The main obstacle is the method how are you going to get rid of those left overs and offensive smell which sre inside of the large pig intestines. A very laborious and dirty job!

  • Blogger Shiroyuki-chan says so:
    December 27, 2013 at 1:22 PM  

    Thanks for the recipe. I'm also from Pontianak and have really missed the foods there. This is a very simple way to make it.. although I don't have all the pork ingredients with me when I cooked it, so I ended up putting some shrimps instead. I'll get some pork ribs to try it with next time. top