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Hot Spicy Prawn

Here's another cute exotic seafood dish.. it's called Sambal Udang which means Hot spicy prawn. Enjoy it with rice or vegetable to satisfy your hunger. if there's no Big prawn... small prawn, any type of prawn are still good to have.

Hot Spicy Prawn (sambal udang)
2 lbs. Prawn
3 table spoon lime juice
4 table spoon hot sauce
2 table spoon tomato sauce
1 tea spoon white pepper
1 tea spoon salt
75 ml water
1 table spoon sugar
vegetable oil
1 tomato diced
1 tea spoon of sliced green onion / Chinese parsley (garnish, optional)

Powdered ingredient:
6 shallot, minced
2 spoon garlic, minced
5 chilly, minced
1 tea spoon shrimp paste
1/2 tomato

How to prepare:
Marinade prawn with lime for 15 minutes and rinse after that.
stir fry all the powdered ingredients with 2 table spoon vegetable oil.
add water, salt, pepper, sugar, hot sauce, tomato sauce and mix it finely.
add prawn and mix it until the water dry out or little sauce left in it.
Serve it on plate and sprinkle some green onion or Chinese parsley.

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