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Soy Sauce Eggs and Hainam Chicken Rice

Yummy yummy soy sauce eggs a.k.a telur kecap also called Lou neng (in Teochew) or.. ermm.. so many names for this dish.. I don't know which one anymore HAHAHA... This dish is compatible to any Chinese dishes, you can have it in Hainam Chicken rice, Mix rice, grill chicken, porridge and more..

Soy Sauce eggs
10 Eggs
6-8 Chicken (drum sticks or tights)
5-6 spoon Sugar
5-6 spoon dark soy sauce
4 cloves garlic
1 star anise
2 small slice of turmeric
Chinese 5 spice powder

How to:
marinade chicken with chicken stock and Chinese 5 spice. Hard boil the eggs and peal of the shell.
heat up 4 spoon of oils and sugar until it turn brown. add sliced the garlic, turmeric, star anise, soy sauce and stir it. Add marinated chicken stir fry for awhile and add a bowlful of water and eggs than slow cook it for an hour. (you may add more water, and adjust it with sugar, soy sauce)

Here you go~... Here's one more tip.. shhh... the longer you keep in the fridge, the egg will taste even better... ^^

Alright... I know it's not fun if you only know how to make this dish and just eat it with plain rice.. well.. it good enough with plain rice.. but How about if you know Hainam chicken rice too HAHAHA Aren't you excited?

Hainam Chicken Rice
Hainam rice Ingredient:
4 cups Rice.
2 spoon sesame oil.
4 slice of ginger.
2 spoon diced garlic.
1/4 teaspoon white pepper.

Hainam Chicken Ingredient:
1/2 Chicken or 6 tights.
chicken stock.
3 spoon sesame oil.
4 spoon diced garlic
4 spoon oil.

How to:
Boil water and the chicken. add chicken stock and salt. When the Chicken is done take out the chicken and mix it with sesame oil and little salt and than cut it into pieces.. and add fried garlic on top. Keep the chicken broth for the rice.
To make the rice... stir fry diced garlic, ginger until the garlic turn to light brown add rice, white pepper and sesame oil. fry it for awhile.. after that put it into rice cooker and add chicken broth that you made earlier. just like cooking normal rice.

Alright.. now this is the hard part.. drum rolling..~~~ and drolling... what? wait for the rice to be done is the hard part.. you smell Hainam chicken rice.. but rice not done yet .. 20 more mins.. arghhhh... Hehehe I'm joking~ Have Fun (o.O)

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