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Khuntien Mix Rice

Here another Kalimantan dish, Mix Chicken rice also called Khuntien Koi Peng (Khuntien Chicken rice). Originated from west borneo island or west Kalimantan. My home .. hometown hehe..
What's the different Khuntien chicken rice with other chicken rice.. well there are a lot of differences.. It's not an ordinary chicken rice, there are rice, BBQ pork (char siu), sweet sauce chicken, Chinese pork sausage (lap cheong), soy sauce eggs, sour mustard, and creamy chicken broth. Wow.. so many combination and all have to be done seperately.. well that's why we call it mix rice HAHa...
If you follow my recipes .. you already know how to make BBQ pork or Char siu (from Wonton Noodle section) and Soy sauce eggs(from Hainam chicken rice section).

Khuntien Koi Peng

Sweet Chicken:
10 Chicken wings
4 spoon sweet soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1/4 teaspoon tapioca starch
How to:
Marinade chicken wings with sweet soy sauce, chicken stock, salt, little bit of tapioca starch for couple hours. Stir fry with marinated chicken with oils. add little water until almost dry. (add more water if the wings not done).

Creamy soup:
Chicken + chicken stock + salt or chicken broth.
tapioca starch.
How to:
mix tapioca starch to chicken/chicken bone, chicken stock, salt. or use chicken broth. and boil them .. the key is to make your soup creamy with the tapioca starch.

Lap Cheong:
you can buy this from Asian store and just grill it or put it in oven.

Mixing Everything:
Plain rice and put all ingredient on top.. spread the sauce from soy sauce egg and sweet chicken. lastly pour creamy soup on top. yummy...
oh ya. sour mustard.. you just rinse with hot water and slice into small piece and ready to be eaten.


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