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Tropical Cold Honeydew

Hot weather.. What else do you want to do?.. give yourself nice treat, a cup of sweet dessert cold, sweet, superbly ripe honeydew with tapioca seeds. What a heaven.. refreshing and energizing your body with such a good dessert. Summer is a time to enjoy the excitement of longer days and outdoor activities. Summer desserts fit into this lifestyle perfectly. They can be quick to prepare, fun to eat and good for you. I would like to give credit to a friend of mine, Anita Tsun, who taught me how to make this superb "Tropical Cold Honeydew" desserts. I have no idea where this dish come from and how it invented.. but who cares anyway, when it's yummy.. Hahaha Well.., Here you go~ and enjoy~

Tropical Cold Honeydew

1.5 can of coconut milk
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of tapioca seeds
1 whole honeydew

How to:
Boil tapioca seeds with 1 cup of water until the seed turn transparent.
put 1.5 can of coconut milk in container and add water using the coconut milk can (2 cans).
add melted sugar (sugar mix with little hot water) in the container.
cube dice the honeydew.
Mix everything in the container and let it cold.. put in frezer.
Add ice or shredded ice while serving.

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