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Yam Mie

Yelloww yelloww.... today I'm going to present my hometown style Pontianak noodle... we call it Yam Mie, with the extra soury taste from vinegar and crab meat made this dish become special. Some people also call it "Bakmi Kepiting" (crab noodle). In Pontianak (West Borneo), the most famous yam mie restaurant is belong to Mr. Oukie .. Oukie means mole.. Because the owner have very big mole on his face. Since they are very famous, his kids expand the restaurant to Jakarta. In Jakarta you can find it at Pangeran Jayakarta or Sunter. Since I love this dish so much and the recipe is top secret, My mom tried to imitate it and it taste 90% alike.

On the left is my Homemade style Yam Mie. On the right is the original Yam Mie. It Looks different because I did not put meat balls, and crab on it but the taste is still good even without those. ^^

Yam Mie
1 lb Minced pork
4-5 spoon soy sauce
2 spoon minced garlic
1/4 tea spoon white pepper
3 spoon dried preserved vegetable (Tung Choi)
vinegar (depends on how much sour you like it)
Fish balls
Crab Meat
thin egg noodle

Here's the magic:
Stir fry minced garlic and minced pork, add soy sauce white pepper, Tung Choi, little water, some salt and chicken stock. make it a little soupy so that the sauce can give the noodle taste.
boil water, and cook the thin egg noodle. get the noodle without the soup and put it on bowl, add the cooked meat's sauce.. than add vinegar, than mix it evenly. put the meat, fish balls, crab meat on the top. serve with sliced scallion.

Hope you enjoy my hometown specialty~ peace.

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