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Chicken Kuluyuk

Helo Helo~ Hm.. What should I have today huh.. How bout kuluyuk chicken? This is one superb Chinese-originated dish that so easy to make. sounds yummy? I call it Chicken kuluyuk.. which is basically like sweet and sour chicken.. The interesting part of this dish is the pineapple.. It's a fruit.. but you can eat it together with rice and chicken HAhaha.. but .. if you don't like pineapple.. DON'T WORRY.. you can substitute with longans, lychees, or mangoes .. Interesting enough? Hehe try it .. you won't regret~

Chicken Kuluyuk
2 chicken breast (pork is fine too)
2 spoon soy sauce
2 spoon minced garlic
5o gram tapioca powder
1 can of diced pineapple
1 onion
1 egg
salt, sugar, pepper, tomato sauce

How to:
thin slice chicken breast than mix it with salt, chicken stock, soy sauce. you can keep for couple hours so that the taste will go inside the meat. deep the meat inside egg than tapioca powder it(will be more crunchy if you add tempura powder too) . and deep fried until turn to golden brown.

To make the sauce:
tomato sauce, chicken stock, sugar, add water mix with tapioca powder. lastly add sliced onion and pineapple.
p.s. the portion is my estimation.. so adjusting on the taste may needed when you think is not enough sweet or salty but for this dish .. the sauce should be sweet and sourly. Enjoy~ Y(^o^)Y

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