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Singapore Prawn Noodle

Today, I just ate Singaporean style prawn noodle. Normally, you have to go Singapore in order to taste this dish, but now you can have it at your home. Easy to make and great satisfaction, even my bro who have shrimp allergic he still ate two bowlful of prawn noodle Hahaha.

Singapore Prawn Noodle
1. Prawn + the shell for soup base.
2. Pork + Pork bone for soup base.
3. Fish Balls.
4. light soy sauce (kikoman).
5. Salt.
6. sugar.
7. Ginger(1 inch).
8. white pepper.
9. Pork Block or chicken block.
10. fish sauce
11. Kang kung (water spinach)
12. fried Pork skin (0ptional)
13. Egg noodle

Boil the shrimp shell and Pork + bone, 1 inch of ginger for approximately 2 hours to get the shrimp taste. add little soy sauce, little fish sauce, pinch of salt, sugar, pinch of white pepper, pork/chicken block (the taste should light sweet not salty).
boil water separately and cook the shrimp, fish balls, and egg noodle.
to serve. put noodle on the bowl and put all ingredient on the top (kangkung, shrimp, slice pork, fish balls) and than pour it with the hot boiled base soup. serve with fried onion and fried pork skin (if you have).


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