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Miso soup and Miso Udon

Miso soup can be served in many Japanese meals such as rice/bento meal, ramen, udon, nabe, and imoni. Miso in japanese means fermented soy-bean paste, it offers nutritious balance of natural carbohydrates, essential oil, minerals ,vitamins, protein and more.
Besides than regular miso soup, I also want to share noodle type dish with miso soup called Miso Udon. What I like from udon is the longer you soak in hot soup it will grow, grow and grow, So I always enjoy it slowly and it feels like never end noodle (keep growing) He he he.

Miso soup

1 Small bowl of water
1/2 tsp dashi or chicken stock
1/2 tbs 2 tbs white bean miso paste (soy bean paste)
1/6 tsp salt
1/4 tsp Japanese soy sauce/ lite soy sauce / kikoman
soft tofu
1 spring onion sliced

How to prepare:
Place dashi/ chicken stock, miso paste, salt, soy sauce, soaked seaweed, tofu on the bowl then pour with hot boiled water. Sprinkle some spring onion.

Note: Never boil Miso as it changes taste and destroys the living enzymes.


Miso Udon
400 gr udon noodle
1 Litter water
1 tsp Japanese soy sauce /kikoman
1 tbs dashi granules (or chicken stock)
2 tbs white bean miso paste
1 chicken breast sliced
2-3 shitake mushroom soaked for 3 hours/over night
1-2 spring onion sliced
dried seaweed or toasted seaweed

How to prepare:
boil water and chicken breast when the chicken cooked, add Shitake mushroom and boil for awhile then off the stove. Add dashi/ chicken stock, miso paste. soak seaweed if you are using dried seaweed. boil udon noodle than rinse with cold water. Place Udon noodle on the bowl and pour miso soup on it, place seaweed and sprinkle spring onion on top.

Note: Never boil Miso as it changes taste and destroys the living enzymes.

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